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Hi, I'm David Allen Wizardgold. Nice to meet you!

David Allen Wizardgold's Bio:

David Allen Wizardgold is sometimes known as Dave Allen. He has a number of online identities. Spondicious is the name he uses for his photography. Wizardgold is mostly about his technology interests when he is making tech tutorials for YouTube. David Allen is Wizardgold on Twitter, with another Twitter account that is used for personal stuff - A20Q. NoStylus is the identity to go with the mobile computing website of the same name.

David Allen Wizardgold used to be an art teacher and after that moved on to Signwriting and graphic design. He would be responsible for the design of the shop front, flyers, sign for the van, letterheads and business cards. His customers would be able to get the whole job done in one place. Making video is his thing now, teaching how to use Mac Apps. Reviewing and showing how to do stuff with iPad application for the NoStylus Website. David did make a few tutorials on how to use Android software using a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy S3. Happy to have gone back to using solely Apple hardware and software.

 it is not surprising with an artistic background that David Allen Wizardgold is heavily into photography and making photographic art. David likes all sorts of photographic genres including street photography and landscape images, but the big area of interest would be high dynamic range photography. HDR photography is bold and bright and shows more than would normally be seen in a straight out of the camera photo. The love for this sort of image goes back to time spent at art college and the love of the work of the German Expressionist art movement. A favourite artist would be the East German Expressionist artist called Willi Sitte. David loves to see good street art. 

David Allen writes all sorts of tech-based articles for his web-sites and has written one novel. He is now in the process of writing the second novel with the aim that it will be self-published and marketed online. The name of the Brand for the books is Good and Geeky. The first one published on Amazon is entitled Geek Photography and the second is the Good and Geeky Writers Workflow. The next book in the series is about using encryption and will probably have the title Good and Geeky Privacy and Encryption.

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David Allen Wizardgold's Education:

David Allen Wizardgold's Interests & Activities:

Photography, writing about technology, writing novels, video making, art and design, cycling, learning languages - Spanish, German and Catalan. I would love to learn to code. If only I had the time with all my other activities. I can play a bit of guitar but for the most part it is neglected.

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